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The blog for keeping up to date with the development of the publicity for Northumbria University's Graphic Design Degree Show 2011. The concept, the designs and the work.
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Handover

It was the day we could collect the invites and posters from the printers.
It was nice to get some of our 'finished designs' and well done to Statex, the printing looks great.
Especially loving the stock the invites are printed on!

Thanks Statex!

The team have just come back from a visit to the printers today, Chris kindly showed us around the print floor and we got to see the book in progress.
More photos to follow!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sent to Print

We are proud to announce that the posters, invites and book are all in the print process.

And paid for!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fortune Cookies!!!

Fortunes of the day :

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

Not looking hopeful!!!

iPhone App in progress

The iPhone App images have now been sent and it will soon be available to download.
Will keep you posted.

Infographic change of text

At Northumbria University the Graphic Design department prides itself on producing students with diverse styles and specialties. 
The book presents our graduates as a unit but accepts the fact we are all individuals who have indivdual paths and goals. It is designed for potential employees to rearrange, remove or select students depending on what they are looking for. Each graduate has their own page in a enlarged business card style format

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Final Photographs

I hope everyone is happy with their final photos.

The Final Book Before Print

hey everyone,

So the book is going to print end of this week, exciting!
Thanks to everyone for yesterday, we managed to get a great set of photos in a short space of time!
We are still in the process of putting everyone's work together on their pages and now the photos too. But obviously we want everyone to be able to check their page, their work, photo and personal information before the book goes to print.
Tomorrow will be spent finishing all the pages off.
we will be sending them out for you to check, we'll inform you when via fb/email/plus we'll be in tomorrow if you have any questions.

Please check your pages and hopefully your all happy with everything.

Degree show Team


Photo Shoot Day

Photo shoot day, everyone in uni for a early 10am start. A few moans and groans but all the signs are correct!

Only taking an hour and a half for everyone's photographs with all students turning up, this being a great shock to the tutors after previous years experience.

So thank you to everyone for making this experience easier for us. As a treat here is what came out of the day.    

Who Will You Pick Up?

When putting the invitations together we decided we needed a tagline to draw attention to ourselves. We needed something to link with the hitchhiker style of the photographs that will be found at the degree show, but what could this be? 

After many discussions the tagline of, WHO WILL YOU PICK UP?, grabbed the most attention, giving the idea of roads full of graduating students ready to be picked up by successful studios. 

Photo Shoot Remember


With only 2hours in the photographic studio and 40students we have a tough day ahead.

Will everyone turn up?
Are all the signs correct?
Will the back drop work?

Just a few worries of the day to come, not to mention everyone liking their picture. Please don't forget photos at 10am tuesday!

This is planned back drop for all the images, hope you all like it :) 

Final Grid Design and A Big Thank You

After a stressful deadline and good few days rest (or cleaning rooms) we would to thank the year group for getting all their work in on time, making our lives a lot easier. With only a few people to chase up. Don't forget, photo shoot will be on Tuesday 10th May at 10am.  

Image Please

Getting your images ready for layout -please find attached the instruction booklet pdf. put together by James George Dunn to help you save and send your images in the correct format. 
Please make sure you read this as it includes deadline dates, information on sizes, formats and iPhone app. Thank you. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Canny Good Tuesday Part 2

 Tuesday 10th May, is the last ever Canny Good Tuesday at Nancy Bordellos. Also the last opportunity to raise more money for our final budget. There will be another raffle, giving a chance to win t-shirts designed by the brilliant Andy Reay! So get yourself, friends and family down to Nancy's for 7:30 onwards for a great night out! 

Canny Good Acoustic Night

Our second graphics night out turned into a success after a lot of extra guests turned up with the bands and helped to raise even more money!
The jelly bean counting contest ended well for Sam Stringer after winning a tube of 1046
and the bands played some canny good sets of their own acoustic numbers and some well known classics.

Canny Good Tuesday

With great thanks to the fundraising team, the first fundraising night at Nancy Bordello's proved a hit, with more than expected turning out on the night. With a good range of music provided by Joseph Cox and the raffle drawn, the drinks were flowing and our budget had grown. Leaving everyone with the burning question of, Whens the next night out?!

iPhone App

In addition to the catalogue, invites and posters we have to the opportunity to create an iPhone app. 
This app will become a portfolio for the course, giving each student the space to showcase images for up to five projects. 

Here is a quick mock up of how the work can be displayed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

The future of our graduates

So this week has been spent finding out where our fellow graduates want to go. Had some absolute classic phrases to put in the catalogue along with the -soon-to-be- photos.
Some are just the truth, some are life ambitions and some are just, plain clever!
Heres a few of the best:
"Where the wind takes me"
"Will work for potatoes"
"A job I love"
"Lorem Ipsum"
"Good design with Good people"
"Make Misteaks"
"A position on the starting grid"

Backdrop options

Possibly thinking about using backdrops rather than actual photographs in-order to save us time and a lot of work with around 54 students to take photos of?
Not sure how 'client' feels, putting it to a vote this week to see how people would feel and whether getting their own photographs is a plausible idea.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What do you want?

Starting to get suggestions for what this years graduates want when they leave. These are some initial thoughts coming from the year group.

Layout Designs


Omnes was our favorite typeface from the start. It had the handwritten quality of hitchhiking signs while having a bit more personality, nice curves and a fun element.

Ideas for signs

Initial Photographs. Summer Placement? Anything?

The concept came from hitchhiking, traveling long distances to get where we want, but with very little money.
We went on to the streets of Newcastle to get some initial photographs and to start thinking about how these images would come across to potential employers.
Here the photograph has quite a gritty, dark quality.