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Friday, 22 April 2011

The future of our graduates

So this week has been spent finding out where our fellow graduates want to go. Had some absolute classic phrases to put in the catalogue along with the -soon-to-be- photos.
Some are just the truth, some are life ambitions and some are just, plain clever!
Heres a few of the best:
"Where the wind takes me"
"Will work for potatoes"
"A job I love"
"Lorem Ipsum"
"Good design with Good people"
"Make Misteaks"
"A position on the starting grid"

Backdrop options

Possibly thinking about using backdrops rather than actual photographs in-order to save us time and a lot of work with around 54 students to take photos of?
Not sure how 'client' feels, putting it to a vote this week to see how people would feel and whether getting their own photographs is a plausible idea.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What do you want?

Starting to get suggestions for what this years graduates want when they leave. These are some initial thoughts coming from the year group.

Layout Designs


Omnes was our favorite typeface from the start. It had the handwritten quality of hitchhiking signs while having a bit more personality, nice curves and a fun element.

Ideas for signs

Initial Photographs. Summer Placement? Anything?

The concept came from hitchhiking, traveling long distances to get where we want, but with very little money.
We went on to the streets of Newcastle to get some initial photographs and to start thinking about how these images would come across to potential employers.
Here the photograph has quite a gritty, dark quality.